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'Entremets D'Hier'  B-Seiten Split-CD von Fugo (CH) und Squarewell (USA). Release Date: 30. Januar 2007 Labels: Engineer/Shrodinger/Autumn Walker records (UK/USA/Italy)


How to excuse about this one: Yeah, let’s call it the abuse of the dead, although ‘Aie’ – Fugos debut on Engineer Records [IGN062] – isn’t really dead yet; go and check it out. To be honest about ‘Entremets D’Hier’: “C.)”, “M.)” and “F.)” are stale tracks written a long time ago (maybe 2002) and partial recorded during the making of ‘Aie’ at (January 2005) but none of’em got finished then (maybe this will bring you closer to the records title, aight?!). Due to the lack of some zillions of money they had to finish – some will say kill – those tracks in their rehearsal room, which is full of rats and pretty much filled up with an extraordinary bad smell; well, it’s even worse. So much for the circumstances. Mr. Daniel Platisa from, a well known pop-producer in Switzerland, showed mercy and offered Fugo his version of the all original ‘Aie’-track “P.)” called “P.)-Crowded Remix”. You’re right, it sounds like Madonna but it’s better sung and yep: there are guitars… Anyway, by telling all that shit about this kind of a ‘B-Sides’ record, Fugo forced to mention that they – at the end – pretty much love the resulting roughness and directness of those tracks on ‘Entremets D’Hier’. There seems to be only one problem for the band: Because of that truly beautiful “P.)-Crowded Remix” they are worried getting heavy rotation on a station called Radio Argovia and getting invited to ‘Face To Face’ at Tele M1… So, they wish you a lot of fun with ‘Entremets D’Hier’ – it’s meant to shorten the endless and sad time until Fugo’s next full-length in late 2007… As always and for some continuity: It’s kind of other-music! And Fugo still belive in Rock music as a creative passion with no borderlines. Thank you and thanks to Squarewell and Tyson Kreft. Yours truly Fugo


CHF 18.00


Independent, Punk / Fugo


Fugo / Michael Rothen 5000 Aarau

CD 'Entremets D'Hier'

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